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The Benefits of NAS for Businesses
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NAS, or Network Attached Storage, is a device that can be used to attach to an existing network. This device has a unique IP address, and allows users to manage their data in a way that has never been seen before. If you are a business owner, then it may definitely be a wise move to invest in NAS technology. It could potentially be hugely beneficial. Here are a few advantages that you, as a business owner, can reap from using NAS technology.

Protection of your data

One of the biggest advantages that comes with using NAS technology is that you are able to provide much better protection of...

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Cloud Integration Explained
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Building ever greater integration to cloud based services is a trend that has been increasingly in evidence over the last few years. All sorts of businesses – not just those at the cutting edge of technology – are now looking to the cloud as the future of their networking needs. Indeed, many companies use cloud services for some functions without even realising that they do so. Any business that has a gmail or hotmail account, for example, is already taking advantage of the flexibility of remote data storage, which is essentially what the cloud is all about. With the right sort of security...

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Why the Idea of Setting Up a Personal Private Cloud Sounds Great?
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The idea of storing your files online sounds quite impressive, and with some exciting cloud services such as Mozy, DropBox, and SugarSync, many individuals and business enterprises have already jumped on the bandwagon. Storing files online is a great way to save space on your smartphone, PC, and tablets, and you can access all your files from any device. It all works great, but there are certain security concerns, and these services are not entirely free – they come with recurring monthly fees. To avoid making any compromises over your privacy and to save money while getting a chance...

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