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Practical Advice
The Right Way to Secure Clouds
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Computational Science Engineering (CSE) has heralded in a new era of technological possibilities. And if you're savvy enough to work consistently, your cloud security nightmares may be a thing of the past.

Uniformity in Cloud Security Needed
Global vendors, a continuously evolving security landscape and the rapidly changing market have raised questions about a uniform security and privacy standard for cloud. This is where CSE's frameworks are used to develop algorithms to analyse and handle data securely and in a standardized way.

Ways to Automate and Standardize Cloud Security

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CloudLock Security has over 1 million users
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CloudLock are offering cloud Cybersecurity as a service. They are able to fortify enterprise PaaS, IDaaS, IaaS, and SaaS environments. CloudLock can extend custom security services to your home-grown applications and your ISV offerings.

They claim that most companies have around 4,000 exposed files on average that may contain organization usernames and password(s) and/or password information. CloudLock are trying to combat the fact that current security is not broken; it is just that current security methods are as/more useful as they are updated. A company that only updates its security...

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