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Mobile cloud computing
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As we look forward into the future and consider the trends that will be important, mobile cloud computing is a term that frequently emerges. Taking the heavy processing away from mobile apps and using a server to crunch data is possible with faster mobile Internet, and is coming of age.

Sophisticated applications such as augmented reality overlays on maps are not easily accomplished without significant data transfer. Real estate portals and shopping review sites are obvious examples, though dating and social apps could be the next to ride the wave. 

In a business context, mobile...

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Google Apps or Microsoft Office? Survey argues which cloud office is best for your business
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If you’ve ever talked to an acquaintance about what technology they use at their place of work, then this might be the article for you: a survey from BetterCloud has found the benefits of Google Apps and Microsoft Office for organisations of all sizes.

( Source: www.cloudcomputing-news.net )
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Open Source Insider
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Stormy Peters heads Cloud Foundry developer relations, Peters is a prominent Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) advocate, she co-founded the GNOME Foundation.

( Source: www.computerweekly.com )
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Cloud as impulse for CRM
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To stay competitive you need powerful tools for your sales approach and costumer management. Professional CRM-solutions are getting more and more important, but professional solutions have a high need for stable infrastructures.

Cloud computing pioneers of Wice think that the cloud would be an important factor for growth for CRM-systems, because especially with the right cloud solution companies could work very effective. But this is responsibility of the service provider. They need to change their products and services to the needs of the clients, if they dont wont to loose their...

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