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The threat of malware in the cloud and ways to stop it from spreading
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Malware is fast spreading across a variety of apps and websites, including Amazon, Google – and the cloud. According to researchers, around 10 per cent of cloud’s hosted repositories are compromised as malicious viruses lurk their way into cloud-based data. Companies need to take a proactive approach to keep their sensitive data protected. 

Once your IT-system is attacked by malware, the cloud security risks dramatically increase. In many cases, sensitive data, such as customer information, can begin siphoning out. The malware virus may also look for ways to...

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Inside Story
CloudFanta Malware: Understanding How It Works
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CloudFanta is the latest malware that is believed to screen online banking activity and also to be behind the theft of about 26,000 email authorizations. A report by Netskope Threat Research Labs shows that this malware started its operation in July 2016 and mainly targets Internet users based in Brazil.
Similar to how most malware arrive, CloudFanta does so via a link or attachment via email. But once it gains access, its mode of operation exhibits the similar use of cloud facilities for malware hosting by threat perpetrators to complete the cycle of infection.

What makes this malware...

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