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The Revolution of IoT
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Internet of things (IoT) is expected to take a significant turn in its growth in the next 3 years. Following IoT Developer Survey 2015-2016 many executives are aware of this looming revolution and a few of them have made strategies on how to keep their businesses relevant. Some of the key IoT developer trends that were found in 2017's survey are:


1. Security

Security remains to be the key concern with 46.7% respondents admitting that it remains a major disquiet. Business security has been compromised on various occasions with the ever rising cases of malware attack....

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2017 the year of the cloud
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Numbers are showing that 2016 will go down as another year to have registered remarkable growth in the Enterprise cloud software platform. It saw 31 publicly held cloud software companies command a market capitalization worth around $1 billion. These companies registered a combined growth of 30% in share valuations and an annual growth of revenue nearing the 25% mark. These cloud software companies eclipsed gains established by market heavyweight giants such as Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

Large software companies also came out to buy out some of the lucrative cloud software...

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How the Internet of Things Connects Us All
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Developments in wearable technology and a growth in the number of everyday household items equipped with information-gathering sensors that feed data to multiple sources have begun to create a connective web of information that businesses need to be aware of and leverage to their advantage. Also known as ubiquitous computing, these technologies, which are based on improvements in sensor and cloud storage technology that have massively reduced costs for this type of mass data collection and storage, have begun to be accepted by consumers in ways that were unheard of just a few years ago.


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