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Securing IoT Device in Enterprises
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IoT stands for 'internet of things' and refers to any device where you have a lack of control over the software run on it. These can include security devices, house control gadgets and countless other pieces of tech that have been increasingly popular lately. However, despite how useful these gadgets are, it is frustrating to know whether they are secure and ensure they are running securely. Since these devices are often security related they could easily give open access to private information which is extremely worrying.

How can I secure my IoT Device?

There are a few...

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2017 the year of the cloud
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Numbers are showing that 2016 will go down as another year to have registered remarkable growth in the Enterprise cloud software platform. It saw 31 publicly held cloud software companies command a market capitalization worth around $1 billion. These companies registered a combined growth of 30% in share valuations and an annual growth of revenue nearing the 25% mark. These cloud software companies eclipsed gains established by market heavyweight giants such as Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

Large software companies also came out to buy out some of the lucrative cloud software...

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Get fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution!
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The idea of the “internet of things” already emerged more than 20 years ago. Today, the permanently increasing standards as to competitiveness require equipping products with sensors and actuaters connected via the Web. The so called industry 4.0 – the Fourth Industrial Revolution – shall connect the physical with the digital world. Thereof evolve new requirements on the schooling in machine engineering: machine-engineering informatics. Beside profound knowledge in engineering and mathematics and natural sciences, application-aimed knowledge is expected in...

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SMB manufacturers still refuse to use the cloud
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In the name of IT service provider Freudenberg IT (FIT) the research company Pierre Audoin Consulting (PAC) started a survey to analyze the using behavior of cloud computing from SMB manufacturers. The results show a clear trend that those industry sector still refuse to use the cloud for IT-services.

Automotive is one of the leading industries for cloud usage, but other manufacturing sectors totally reject the cloud. Based on the study, there are only 18% of the manufacturing companies using cloud computing for their daily work and around 40% of the companies didnt want to use any cloud...

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