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Smart speakers – who's listening?
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Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod feature voice activated assistants. These speakers are always listening, typically recording for a few seconds at a time and looking for a 'wake word'. If found, the device will transmit subsequent input to a back-end service for transcription and analysis. Some speakers, such as Apple's HomePod process data locally or anonymise reported data, which are likely more secure approaches.

The recordings sent to remote servers can present a privacy risk; request histories can reveal private user information (e.g....

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Cloud Market Still Growing Rapidly
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Revenue generated via cloud market has continued to grow as competition among big companies intensifies. According to the data released by Synergy Research Group, there has been a 40% growth of cloud market in 2017 until now. Although the rise in Amazon Web Services has been slower as compared to that of Alibaba, Google, and Microsoft, the company’s market share continues to be ahead of the next five companies combined. Hosting private cloud services which have been controlled by dedicated leadership has enabled IBM to maintain its third position in the cloud market providers’...

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Deutsche Bank Reports Google Cloud Platform Growth
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A new markets research survey entitled 'Google Getting More Aggressive In The Cloud' published 8 September 2016 by Ross Sandler, Karl Keirstead, Deepak Mathivanan, Aki Aggarwal and Taylor McGinnis for Deutsche Bank has reported major growth of Google's Cloud Platform programme.

In the survey, which was based on interviews with channel partners, prospects, partners, and customers, Deutsche Bank estimate that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has a $750M revenue run-rate, and report substantial investment in Cloud mergers and acquisitions over the past twelve months totalling over $1B....

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Cheaper and Faster Batch Processing with Google’s Preemptible VMs
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Google preemptible virtual machine was introduced in 2015 as a cheaper alternative to regular compute instances. The difference that preemptible VMs offered is that they can shut down when done using them. Various sectors use cloud computing for an array of functions such as visual effect rendering, simulation, video encoding and processing information for data analytics. These workloads require a significant volume of compute resources, but they are also fault-tolerant. It means that even a disruption in a single instance will not interfere with their quality. The fact that you can run...

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Google Bigtable is an ideal cloud storage and analytics option
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The latest cloud option from Google is the Bigtable service aimed at large business enterprises and data-centric organisations that need to store and analyse large volumes of data. The Cloud Bigtable is ideal for Internet of Things applications where any business needs a virtually immediate response and has performed well across a number of business platforms. In the field of financial transactions and audit tracking, a system built utilising this service is capable of handling 2.5 million trades messages per second.

Google Cloud Bigtable offers a scalable NoSQL database that's ideal...

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