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Cloud Computing - Integrer component of IT and top topic for CIOs
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A digitized company without the cloud? This is unthinkable in 2018. As early as the middle of the year, bitkom announced that two out of three companies were opting for cloud computing. Cloud computing is more than just a trend – for the majority of companies it is a fundamental component of their IT strategy. And this will continue to grow in the coming years. Together with the Digital Marketing Suite selfcampaign, we have analyzed which cloud topics occupy IT managers most in companies. The starting point for our research was a statistical survey of the websites visited by...

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Cloud Configuration: What You Should Know
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Cloud configuration involves setting a cloud environment’s software and hardware details to facilitate efficient communication and interoperation. The configuration process is straightforward, however, there are situations where the cloud environment is complex and getting overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provider has to do all it takes to ensure that communication is secure, performance is acceptable, and services are reliable in such environments. 


How Configuration Works 

To enhance sound interaction of the client and provider’s environment, cloud application...

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Is Your Business Overspending On The Cloud?
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An increasing number of companies, both small and large, are moving away from having their own specialised servers for computing infrastructure, and are instead investing that money into cloud capacity. While this undoubtedly has its benefits, there are considerations that must be taken into account. Many companies have been purchasing much more computing capacity in the cloud than they are actually using, which leads to a massive amount of overspending. 


Why do companies overspend on the cloud? 

It is possible that the company does not know exactly how much cloud capacity...

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Trends of Cyber Attacks 2018 – So Far
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The first half of 2018 has witnessed the rise of many cloud-based attacks. Threats have become directly proportional to technological growth constantly opposing the wellbeing of organisations worldwide. They have come in many shapes and forms from manipulating Blockchain technology to stage attacks as well as mobile platform attacks. Stronger attacks have been felt by the cloud environment due to the presence of powerful and more precise technologies. 

Check Point Software Technologies has analysed these threats and attacks and found some interesting trends.



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Should your business have intranet infrastructures or settle with external hosting?
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Are you trying to decide if your company should get an intranet infrastructure or an external secure site? This article will briefly overview and contrast both options, to help you make an informed choice. Both alternatives have their particular strengths and drawbacks, so you should have a working understanding of the matter in order to choose wisely. 

The gist of the matter is fairly simple: creating an intranet infrastructure is comparable to sourcing an entire building to serve as your virtual headquarters; getting external secure hosting would be like renting a virtual office in...

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Is Cloud-Native Development the New Winning Move?
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The software technology scene is not new to disruptions that have shaped the industry to what we currently know. The rise of Cloud-native development has, however, shaken the industry and provided a platform for tremendous opportunities. To find out what Cloud-native is, we have to start by finding out what it does. 


Defining Cloud-Native 

Cloud-native is the approach of building and running applications that maximise on the merits of the cloud computing delivery model. The purpose of this approach is to improve speed, scalability and eventually margin. It is primarily...

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Decentralized blockchain data storage
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As the information age continues to advance in leaps and bounds, so has the need to find solutions to the growing demand of information. The continued advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are putting a strain on information storage. IDC has even predicted that there will be roughly 163 zettabytes of data in the world by 2025. This has led to the rapid emergence of new data centres aimed at curbing this problem. However, the question that lingers is if this will be enough. An emerging solution to this problem is using decentralized blockchain data...

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Practical Advice
Why you should consider a “cloud first” approach
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With numerous benefits such as streamlined processes, enhanced flexibility, security and the ability to work from anywhere, many companies are now turning to cloud computing. This has led to the concept of "cloud first." But what does it really mean and entail?


What is "cloud first"

This was a strategy started by the U.S. Federal government and has now found its way in the world of commercial business. It was meant to encourage federal agencies to adopt cloud computing to enhance their operations. While it had its critics, the strategy can be considered a...

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Choosing the Best Hosting Solution for Your Intranet
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Cloud, also referred to as a Software-as-a-service solution, has become an integral part of computing in most enterprises and for a good reason. Adopting cloud means solving problems associated with high upfront costs, physical storage, scalability, and remote accessibility of data. However, the question of whether to choose cloud hosting over internal hosting remains one with no straight answer. Both have their benefits and weaknesses that should be considered for different business models and scope.


Private Cloud

Private cloud is a single-tenant hosting service where organizations...

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Cloud Cost Management
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Operating your company in the cloud is different than running on premises. As the operations differ, so do the strategies for controlling costs. From a financial perspective, a data centre needs a huge capital outlay for the building, extra capital spending for software licenses and servers, and smaller but essential operating expenses for powering the cooling systems and the servers, and for management and maintenance. In the cloud, on the other hand, you will not incur any capital expenses. Instead, there can be enormous operating costs, charged for the server virtual machine...

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