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Cheaper and Faster Batch Processing with Google’s Preemptible VMs
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Google preemptible virtual machine was introduced in 2015 as a cheaper alternative to regular compute instances. The difference that preemptible VMs offered is that they can shut down when done using them. Various sectors use cloud computing for an array of functions such as visual effect rendering, simulation, video encoding and processing information for data analytics. These workloads require a significant volume of compute resources, but they are also fault-tolerant. It means that even a disruption in a single instance will not interfere with their quality. The fact that you can run...

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The Rise of the Petabyte? Big Data Goes Small
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As the world of computing has advanced, the amounts of data that we are capable of storing has exponentially grown. While 500 megabytes of data storage was considered to be impressive only a handful of years ago, most smartphones boast gigabytes of capacity. However, we may very well soon see such an impressive capability evolve to an entirely new level thanks to a novel storage method. Scientists believe that it is within reason to store up to an incredible petabyte of data on a polymer disk the size of a common DVD.

The Power of Light

The basic principle behind data storage involves the...

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Webroot - upping the ante in the anti-malware war
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Webroot is a full-featured PC security package comprising advanced antivirus/malware protection, malicious URL blocking, personal information protection and much more. It is distinguished by its tiny size - less than 1Mb fully installed - and fast, efficient performance, taking only a matter of minutes to conduct a full system scan. Both of these characteristics are a result of the software's somewhat unusual approach to protecting PCs from threats.

Rather than using a large database of threat signatures to detect and disable malware, Webroot relies largely on detecting suspicious...

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Cloud architecture means testing 'in the cloud' too, who knew?
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It couldn't be that logical, could it?

Cloud-centric software application development and the migration of IT shop operations to cloud-based environments demands that software engineerings teams also embrace the idea of using cloud-based testing tools.

( Source: www.computerweekly.com )
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Cloud collaboration company Box expands datacentre footprint outside US
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Cloud collaboration provider Box is set to build datacentres outside the US in the next 12 to 18months.

( Source: www.computerweekly.com )
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Cloud is still a focus for 2014
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Frank Kölmel, Senior Director EMEA-CENTRAL for Brocade has checked the upcoming trends for 2014 and announced his favorites.

Big Data and BYOD will still be the most important trends for IT, but NFV and SDN technologies will get more and more important too. But he sees big changes for the IT-infrastructures in companies, because old setups and structures are no longer able to handle all the needs for those new technologies, so there are a lot of things to do, to be up to date again.

Cloud Services will be the other big and important trend for 2014 and the usage of those services are reasons...

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