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The Internet of Things: The Plague of Poor Perception and Performance
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most common phrases of IT professionals and a growing number of consumers. While this methodology promises features such as enhanced device integration and a more intuitive UX; the fact of the matter is that many practices have fallen short of the mark. Recent polls suggest that IoT performance is still dubious and consumers are not confident that it will be able to provide reliable results. What issues exist and should we expect them to continue to plague this sector? 


A Lack of Confidence or a Lack of Knowledge 

A survey...

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Is Your Business Overspending On The Cloud?
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An increasing number of companies, both small and large, are moving away from having their own specialised servers for computing infrastructure, and are instead investing that money into cloud capacity. While this undoubtedly has its benefits, there are considerations that must be taken into account. Many companies have been purchasing much more computing capacity in the cloud than they are actually using, which leads to a massive amount of overspending. 


Why do companies overspend on the cloud? 

It is possible that the company does not know exactly how much cloud capacity...

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Distinction between hybrid cloud and multi cloud
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Factors such as the ability to have a distributed workforce, flexibility and mobility, coupled with the need to enhance performance, speed and agility, means that more and more businesses are  turning to the cloud. This has in consequence lead to the emergence of cloud solutions aiming to leverage on the needs of organisations. While some organisations rely on the public cloud, others have in-house private cloud solutions. However, depending solely on one has its shortcomings, and this is why we are seeing the emergence of hybrid and multi cloud solutions.


What is a...

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Trends of Cyber Attacks 2018 – So Far
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The first half of 2018 has witnessed the rise of many cloud-based attacks. Threats have become directly proportional to technological growth constantly opposing the wellbeing of organisations worldwide. They have come in many shapes and forms from manipulating Blockchain technology to stage attacks as well as mobile platform attacks. Stronger attacks have been felt by the cloud environment due to the presence of powerful and more precise technologies. 

Check Point Software Technologies has analysed these threats and attacks and found some interesting trends.



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