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Should your business have intranet infrastructures or settle with external hosting?
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Are you trying to decide if your company should get an intranet infrastructure or an external secure site? This article will briefly overview and contrast both options, to help you make an informed choice. Both alternatives have their particular strengths and drawbacks, so you should have a working understanding of the matter in order to choose wisely. 

The gist of the matter is fairly simple: creating an intranet infrastructure is comparable to sourcing an entire building to serve as your virtual headquarters; getting external secure hosting would be like renting a virtual office in...

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Is Cloud-Native Development the New Winning Move?
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The software technology scene is not new to disruptions that have shaped the industry to what we currently know. The rise of Cloud-native development has, however, shaken the industry and provided a platform for tremendous opportunities. To find out what Cloud-native is, we have to start by finding out what it does. 


Defining Cloud-Native 

Cloud-native is the approach of building and running applications that maximise on the merits of the cloud computing delivery model. The purpose of this approach is to improve speed, scalability and eventually margin. It is primarily...

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