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The top challenges encountering the multi-cloud environments 
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In today's era of continuous innovation, companies are progressively using various IT systems to meet the needs of their growing businesses. This variety allows firms to manage their workloads, instead of being tied to a single delivery model or provider. 

However, due to the considerable shortage of experienced cloud personnel out there, most of the companies are lacking internal cloud expertise. Consequently, adopting a successful cloud plan is usually a challenging undertaking. Here are some of the challenges that most enterprises face in the management of multi-cloud...

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Is Cloud Computing Cheaper Than On-Premise Servers?
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Cloud computing is generally associated with lowered costs. Companies that switch to cloud computing get to save money on physical storage space of the servers and the monitoring of the infrastructure. However, many businesses still end up spending more money on cloud computing as opposed to on-premise servers. Here are some reasons why cloud computing may not be as cheap as you think:


Computing Power Requirements

If your applications have variable computing power requirements, you will benefit from cloud computing since you eventually save some money on discounts. Such applications...

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Why Active Directory Is Important to Your Company
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Active Directory (AD) is a trademarked directory service developed by Microsoft, an essential part of the Windows 2000 (codenamed NT 5.0) architecture. Just like other directory services, for instance, NDS (Novell Directory Services), the AD is a centralised, standardised system, automating network management of distributed resources, user data, security and allows interoperation with other directories. AD is designed mainly for distributed networking environments. 


Why Your Company Needs AD 

If your office is using AD, all of your machines will be connected to a domain,...

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