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NAS and RAID - what are the options?
Thumb nas raid

Networked storage is an external file server that can be easily managed by the user. With a NAS, you can easily provide any amount of storage capacity for a PC network. A major advantage is that the stored data can be read and processed with any computer in the network. Access from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones is also possible.


SSD or SATA hard disk storage for a NAS system?

In addition to the transfer speed of the hard disk, the data transfer speed of the network is also decisive. At present, SSD storage media are still very expensive, systems with SATA technology...

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Ponemon Cloud Security Study – more data security in the cloud 
Thumb ponemon cloud security study

Leading IT experts recently found that not all cloud data is stored securely. The Ponemon Institute recently conducted a study to investigate data security in the cloud. 

65% of information security experts want to store their object data in the cloud. However, 47% of IT managers doubt that the data in the cloud is as secure as in their own corporate data center. The new study therefore examines the perception of data storage technologies that are based on on-premise or the cloud. To this end, 483 information technology experts with extensive knowledge of the individual object storage...

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Fujitsu Cloud Orchestration Study
Thumb cloud orchestration study

Fujitsu, a leading Japanese provider of ICT business solutions, is using its own expertise to continue shaping society together with its customers in the future. Fujitsu promotes a "Human Centric Intelligent Society" with the aim of creating innovation by integrating people, information and infrastructure. Digital co-creation aims to combine business expertise with technology to create added value for partners and customers. The implementation of digital transformation is based on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and clouds.


New Fujitsu study among IT...

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