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Why You Need a Cloud Migration Factory
Why You Need a Cloud Migration Factory
Time icon28 September 2018, 10:09 am

With improved scalability and business agility, cloud technology is undoubtedly an asset to businesses. However, the focus is no longer about whether or not to adopt cloud but rather how to handle the logistics of relocating your business to a new platform. A cloud migration involves the transfer of large volumes of data, heavy workloads, and applications. 


What Is A Cloud Migration Factory? 

A cloud migration factory refers to the people, processes, and tools involved in cloud migration – from planning to execution. It makes the process seamless and less stressful while reducing the operational efficiency. The practicality of cloud migration factories is discussed below in depth. 


A Holistic Approach to Migration 

In most cases, cloud migration takes place in phases. Usually, there exists an inherent problem in maintaining coordination between separate migrations of workloads. Cloud migration factories bring the much-needed structure and strategic coordination of the separate transfers to ensure the linkages between workloads are maintained or improved. At the same time, cloud migration factories help in the evaluation of the existing operational model. The migration might prompt a change in the model to meet the standard cloud requirements, which is advantageous for a business whose strategy had proved inefficient. 


Efficiency in Workload Migration 

Cloud migration factories operate in strategic and logical steps. They include provisioning, testing, cutovers, monitoring, and evaluation. This strategic approach not only ensures consistency between successive migrations, but also efficiency throughout the process. It also adopts a procedural framework that starts with planning and strategizing, execution, and eventually transitioning or handing over. 

Therefore, cloud migrating factories are a great way of ensuring a balance between cost, performance, and risk when moving business assets to the cloud.