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Making Cloud Computing Work for You
Making Cloud Computing Work for You
Time icon27 April 2018, 14:04 pm

The rise of cloud computing over the past few years has been meteoric – indeed, by 2017 well over half of organisations were making use of the cloud in their everyday operations. As with every sudden change, there are both risks and rewards involved.

Challenges in cloud computing

Security is key in the cloud. With so much data stored non-locally, it can be difficult to make sure that everything remains secure. Legal and regulatory obligations must be carefully considered. An ultra-reliable connection to the internet is critical, since maintaining data security requires fast and reliable access by authorised personnel at all times.

Choosing the right provider is also vital. Authorising a third party to store potentially business-critical data is a major step – it amounts to selecting a new business partner and giving it access to sensitive parts of your organisation. Portability of data is crucial here: it is very important to be able to retrieve data and transfer it elsewhere should this become necessary.

Making the most of cloud computing

Among the greatest advantages of extensive use of the cloud is economy – both financial and organisational. With a properly managed migration process, businesses can increase efficiency and become streamlined in operation, saving both time and money. Appropriate skills training is essential. Major cloud providers will be able to offer consultancy services, which can prove an excellent return on investment.

A cloud-based organisation is also nimbler and more flexible. Meetings can be held and decisions taken anywhere with near-instant access to relevant papers, while collaboration becomes faster and simpler without the need to stick to rigid team structures. Should the worst happen, disaster recovery is also a great aid if a cloud-based backup of essential data can be securely recovered.