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Cloud Computing - Integrer component of IT and top topic for CIOs
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A digitized company without the cloud? This is unthinkable in 2018. As early as the middle of the year, bitkom announced that two out of three companies were opting for cloud computing. Cloud computing is more than just a trend – for the majority of companies it is a fundamental component of their IT strategy. And this will continue to grow in the coming years. Together with the Digital Marketing Suite selfcampaign, we have analyzed which cloud topics occupy IT managers most in companies. The starting point for our research was a statistical survey of the websites visited by...

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The Effects of the United States CLOUD Act and the GDPR on the European Organisations
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The United States president Donald Trump recently signed the US CLOUD Act which violates the GDPR of the European Union. The CLOUD Act requires all internet firms in the country to provide the United States security agencies access to customer or user's information even if it isn’t stred in the US. The law was passed after Microsoft refused to provide their data stored overseas to the current Federal Bureau of Investigation. 


The Cloud Act and the GDPR 

In Europe, most organisations have worked extra hard to comply with the current data protection regulation. The...

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The Main Findings of the New Global IT Research Report
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In this mid year, Vanson Bourne contacted research on Nutanix's behalf to gain insight into the business plans for adopting hybrid, private and public clouds. The main responded base spanned various industries, geographies and business sizes across the world. 

Information technology decision makers were required to provide information about their cloud challenges and where and when they plan to run their business applications. Also, they were required to explain how their company cloud initiatives performed compared to other information technology priorities and projects. 


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3 Major Findings of the Palo Alto Security Survey
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According to the Cloud Security Report, security concerns are currently on the rise, heightened by the shortage of experienced security workers and the inability of many legacy security equipment to address the modern information technology environments. The report highlights the main results of a comprehensive security survey of approximately 400,000 information security workers in partnership with the cybersecurity insiders. 

The main findings include, but not limited to security concerns and the headaches to the budget trajectories and threats. Here are the main findings of the...

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Overcoming Multi-Cloud Integration Challenges
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Many organizations have been seen to be migrating to the cloud so as to improve their business’s agility and to make their operations efficient. Organizations seem to be moving from traditional monolithic software and creating multi-cloud environments. These are using multiple cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to come up with the highest-quality solutions. However, multi-cloud comes along with some challenges. 


What is the Complexity of Multicloud Integration 

Switching to cloud is not just about migrating applications to another platform....

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Benefits of Cloud DNS in Businesses
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Cloud computing models offer the much-needed promise of reduced information technology operational expenses, which can be appealing in these recessionary times. However, before you mothball your information centre and begin using servers that are distributed across the internet, you need to rethink the DNS infrastructure. Providers of enterprise and client DNS services are expanding their line of outsourced services to address the many problems that come up when organisations migrate to cloud computing. 


Strong Security 

DNS service providers always take a multi-layered...

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Practical Advice
How to protect data in the cloud
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The endorsement of cloud data storage has greatly enabled innovation, creativity, and peer collaboration. Many people enjoy its accessibility and resourcefulness. However, cloud security measures are often neglected, and most companies expect the service providers to be accountable. Many businesses only protect their credit card information and personal data. They do not prioritise on investing financial and other appropriate resources to protect critical information. As a result, some companies encounter problems when combating security threats while others suffer great losses in...

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Why You Need a Cloud Migration Factory
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With improved scalability and business agility, cloud technology is undoubtedly an asset to businesses. However, the focus is no longer about whether or not to adopt cloud but rather how to handle the logistics of relocating your business to a new platform. A cloud migration involves the transfer of large volumes of data, heavy workloads, and applications. 


What Is A Cloud Migration Factory? 

A cloud migration factory refers to the people, processes, and tools involved in cloud migration – from planning to execution. It makes the process seamless and less...

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Cloud Configuration: What You Should Know
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Cloud configuration involves setting a cloud environment’s software and hardware details to facilitate efficient communication and interoperation. The configuration process is straightforward, however, there are situations where the cloud environment is complex and getting overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provider has to do all it takes to ensure that communication is secure, performance is acceptable, and services are reliable in such environments. 


How Configuration Works 

To enhance sound interaction of the client and provider’s environment, cloud application...

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Why Multi-Cloud Backup is the Best Strategy for Disaster Recovery
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When it comes to cloud deployment, Disaster Recovery is a significant feature. At some point, something has to fail so it is quite understandable that a whole region or data centre of the cloud provider can go down at any time. It has happened time and again even to some of the known cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. There is no guarantee that this problem might not occur in future and that’s why it is advisable to have a disaster recovery strategy that is effective. Below are some of the best reasons why you should give multi-cloud backup a...

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