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What Cloud Computing really spells for Companies

It is almost automatic to assume that one of the main advantages of cloud computing is the cutting down of costs and an exponential reduction in the IT staff. This could not be further from the truth as seen in a survey of IT businesses with a considerable number of employees on the payroll. This is a major myth bust due to the fact that most cloud computing service providers have used these as selling points for their services. It doesn’t, however, eliminate the dire, almost desperate, need for cloud computing.

It has never been about the cost

In as much as a number of companies...

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Multi-Cloud Approaches Used More by Enterprises
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Recently, more enterprises are opting to use multi-cloud platforms; however, data encryption and internet security remain major issues. According to recently published data by HyTrust these issues are reasons why enterprises cannot streamline and move forward with their operations in relation to using a multi-cloud platform.

Findings From a Recent Study

Interestingly, the study looked into 400 respondents, which attended a VM World event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of these 400 respondents, the study found that over half of the employees organizations intended to move to a multi-cloud model,...

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Can Virtual Workloads Cause Memory Issues?
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Due to the increase of web usage, IT workloads and other technical data servers that organizations use there is a huge increase in virtual overloads. IT professionals are rapidly trying to keep up with the ongoing changes but many are stating that memory servers need to be upgraded as their organizations move into the future. 

Recent Statistics

A recent survey done by memory and storage providers have stated that over 47% of IT professionals are looking to upgrade their server memory throughout the next year due to virtual overloads. 

Looking at outstanding figures over 73% of...

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Are Eastern Clouds on the Horizon?
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Huawei is already a well-known name within the telecommunications industry. Branded as a reputable provider of smartphones and networking services, many analysts feel that this massive conglomerate may soon be seen throughout the cloud computing community. This would be an interesting change, for it is a well-known fact that cloud software is currently dominated by predominantly western producers such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, Dell and Cisco Systems. How will this be accomplished and more importantly, what impact could such a move have upon the cloud computing industry as a whole?


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The Public Cloud: Benefits for Businesses and the World Economy
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In the world of business, inefficiency, breakdown of communication and lack of cooperative focus can often hold us back. Companies can struggle to talk to their counterparts across the world, trade can become isolated, and information becomes more focused on localities, failing to see the bigger picture. The public cloud is a revolutionary step up in information technology, the next big thing. It will start to eradicate these problems that businesses face, and will connect companies across the globe, enabling the world economy as a whole to be more productive, in step with itself and highly...

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Multi-cloud remains a viable option despite the cost
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Businesses have resolved to adopt a multi-cloud strategy for reasons ranging from business resilience, operational and capital expenditures to continuity; but cost remains a critical issue. This is based on a new research released by Verizon and Turbonomic.


Need for Business Continuity

This new research, which attracted IT decision makers, found out the need for continuity of business to be the most important business force for embracing multi-cloud, quoted by 77% of respondents. While the need for resilience (74%), and minimizing operational and capital expenditures attracted 70%...

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Practical Advise
4 SaaS Business Key Performance Indicators
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As digital transformation forces continue reshaping enterprise IT for a world that is demanding it, SaaS applications are bound to become a major driving force in terms of reshaping how modern businesses are going to function in the years ahead. Under such a dynamic situation, your SaaS business goal should be to select a couple of key metrics or performance indicators that will give you a comprehensive and deep view of how your business is performing.

4 key SaaS metrics worth considering include, but not limited to:

1. Monthly Recurring Revenue

For any SaaS business, bear in mind that...

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Product Information
Cheaper and Faster Batch Processing with Google’s Preemptible VMs
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Google preemptible virtual machine was introduced in 2015 as a cheaper alternative to regular compute instances. The difference that preemptible VMs offered is that they can shut down when done using them. Various sectors use cloud computing for an array of functions such as visual effect rendering, simulation, video encoding and processing information for data analytics. These workloads require a significant volume of compute resources, but they are also fault-tolerant. It means that even a disruption in a single instance will not interfere with their quality. The fact that you can run...

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How to Leverage the Benefits of PaaS
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PaaS or Platform as a Service offers a cloud-based platform for developers to manage their work. Developers may rent storage space and space to run programs, operating systems, and software, all on the cloud.

PaaS has revolutionised the development and delivery of software, reducing costs, and making it easy to collaborate seamlessly across time zones. Software developers and support-team may be distributed across the world, connected through the cloud-based platform. PaaS also spares developers from the hassles of setting up and maintaining an infrastructure normally associated with...

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What SLALOM Means for Cloud SLAs

SLALOM (Service Level Agreement Legal and Open Model) is an EU Commission project that has recently put together the last part of the standardised contractual terms. This project aims to offer a fair and balanced approach to cloud services level agreements (SLAs). The partners working on the initiative include the Cloud Industry Forum, ATOS, National Technical University of Athens, the legal firm Bird&Bird and the University of Piraeus. Doing business in the cloud is complicated, and SLALOM aims to simplify it for users. Cloud contracts have always been hard to fathom not only for end...

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