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4 SaaS Business Key Performance Indicators
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As digital transformation forces continue reshaping enterprise IT for a world that is demanding it, SaaS applications are bound to become a major driving force in terms of reshaping how modern businesses are going to function in the years ahead. Under such a dynamic situation, your SaaS business goal should be to select a couple of key metrics or performance indicators that will give you a comprehensive and deep view of how your business is performing.

4 key SaaS metrics worth considering include, but not limited to:

1. Monthly Recurring Revenue

For any SaaS business, bear in mind that...

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Product Information
Cheaper and Faster Batch Processing with Google’s Preemptible VMs
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Google preemptible virtual machine was introduced in 2015 as a cheaper alternative to regular compute instances. The difference that preemptible VMs offered is that they can shut down when done using them. Various sectors use cloud computing for an array of functions such as visual effect rendering, simulation, video encoding and processing information for data analytics. These workloads require a significant volume of compute resources, but they are also fault-tolerant. It means that even a disruption in a single instance will not interfere with their quality. The fact that you can run...

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How to Leverage the Benefits of PaaS
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PaaS or Platform as a Service offers a cloud-based platform for developers to manage their work. Developers may rent storage space and space to run programs, operating systems, and software, all on the cloud.

PaaS has revolutionised the development and delivery of software, reducing costs, and making it easy to collaborate seamlessly across time zones. Software developers and support-team may be distributed across the world, connected through the cloud-based platform. PaaS also spares developers from the hassles of setting up and maintaining an infrastructure normally associated with...

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What SLALOM Means for Cloud SLAs

SLALOM (Service Level Agreement Legal and Open Model) is an EU Commission project that has recently put together the last part of the standardised contractual terms. This project aims to offer a fair and balanced approach to cloud services level agreements (SLAs). The partners working on the initiative include the Cloud Industry Forum, ATOS, National Technical University of Athens, the legal firm Bird&Bird and the University of Piraeus. Doing business in the cloud is complicated, and SLALOM aims to simplify it for users. Cloud contracts have always been hard to fathom not only for end...

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Samsung Ups Its Game by Reaching for the Cloud
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Does the mere mention of the word “cloud” get your blood pumping? Well, it may sound monotonous, but we all depend on those crucial data centres for storage of documents and video, photos, and CPU-intensive services such as Google Now and Siri among other needs. 

Samsung remains a solid player in the smartphone sphere. Only comparable to Apple, the South Korean tech giant has proved to the world that it can hold its own. But the electronics giant has not stopped there. The company is now looking to up its game by reaching for the cloud. With its recent announcement to...

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The Rise of the Petabyte? Big Data Goes Small
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As the world of computing has advanced, the amounts of data that we are capable of storing has exponentially grown. While 500 megabytes of data storage was considered to be impressive only a handful of years ago, most smartphones boast gigabytes of capacity. However, we may very well soon see such an impressive capability evolve to an entirely new level thanks to a novel storage method. Scientists believe that it is within reason to store up to an incredible petabyte of data on a polymer disk the size of a common DVD.

The Power of Light

The basic principle behind data storage involves the...

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Project Pinocchio gradues to become the fully-fledged Autodesk Character Generator

Autodesk, the 3D, animation and technology giant, has released a 3D character generating tool called the Autodesk Character Generator. This was trialed a few years ago using the name Project Pinocchio and since the trial was so successful, Autodesk has officially launched the program. 

The Autodesk Character Generator allows users to design their own 3D customised characters. They can design these from scratch or use one of the characters provided within the program. There's a large collection of male, female and fantasy characters to choose from and users can modify theses using...

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LoRa: How Long-range Wireless IoT Protocol Works
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Lora is the latest technology among others that are beginning to focus on the unique needs of the IoT. Developed by Semtech, this low-power, long-range wireless protocol is engineered to harmonize Wi-Fi and cellular networks, linking smart devices with minimum data requirements within a wide locality of 10 kilometres. 

Long-range wireless IoT protocol network architecture is designed in a topology where Gateways are a clear channel transmitting messages between end gadgets and a focal network server in the backend. Gateways are linked to the network server through set IP connections...

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A Must Have APP For Professionals
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When it comes to being a professional in any field, having a credible note taking tool is paramount. Evernote is a must have tool for taking notes and getting work done. The trick of the tool is in its flexibility; you can bend the tool to use it for practically anything. In fact, Evernote is so simply that when you first start using it, you won’t believe its user-friendliness. In addition, it provides guidelines on its homepage.

Evernote has a wide range of application that you can choose to record meetings, keep a daily diary or mark up a pdf document. The company has a remarkable...

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The amazing features of the IoT Cloud
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Most of the time we have dreamt of life where when the alarm goes off, your coffee is being prepared and a scenario where your vehicle directs you to the least congested route to your work, the light turns on whenever you are walking in your house and so forth. For some time all of these have been only possible in science fiction movies. In modern world, some of these things have become a reality. However, there will be a lot of data that will have to be gathered and then analysed to give the true picture of the various occurring situations. This is what the Internet of Things (IoT) has...

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